Parallelism of AES Algorithm via MPI

I have wrote a paper which describes parallelism of AES algorithm using OpenMPI libraries.Its abstract is as fallows;

Nowadays, information security has the major interest of academia because everything is online (money transactions, accessing information, paying bills etc) and information change on online environments vulnerable to attacks. Also, most of the governments
keep their data in cyber systems. Some of these data also include sensitive information such as personal information or top secret government documents.
It is important to protect these fragile data against unauthorized people. This is where encryption comes in. Cryptography is the study of mathematical techniques which aims to solve the information security aspects such as confidentiality, data integrity, entity authentication, and data origin authentication cite. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is the national standard which is accepted by U.S. government to protect their fragile data cite cite.
Encryption is a good way to protect data but in order to encrypt a data, if it is over 1 GB, it could take more than 10 minutes. According to today's standards, it is very long time and time is an important resource.
Computers are not expensive anymore and they come with multiple processors. If we could get advantage of these processors or have multiple computers, we may be able to make algorithm parallel and observe some speed up. OpenMPI library allows to developer take advantage of the every CPU in the environment. These CPUs can be distributed over network or they can be put together as a multi-core CPU.
With this approach we can manage the time effectively. This study is focusing on the parallelism of AES algorithm and observation of the changes of the encryption time. The result of this study indicate that increasing the number of processors boosts up the performance of computing.
As a result, two processors consume almost half of the computing time according to one processor.

Here is the rest of the paper.

You can find all papers presented on conference in this file.

by zgrw on 2014-03-09 23:01:02